ANATOMIC.A.L CHAR.\CTERS. — It is a difficult matter to determine how
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of the minor modifications ; and, in all cases, it is well to examine care-
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extreme pallor (local syncope) in the feet, which preceded the redness
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the neck, particularly in the internal jugular, and more especially on the
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which it may be distinguished from the more common peripheral type.
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tends to recurrence, yet in the less inveterate each recurrence is less
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almost universally discarded, yet, as recipient agencies conveying stimuli
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inability to move the eyeball upwards, downwards, or inwards, external
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pathology, restorative or compensatory processes go hand in hand with
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hemispheres, resulting from softenings, hsemorrhage, or sclerosis ; and in
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a child has lived during and after its birth, I, when
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an embolus withoiit much difficulty ; but, in those of long standing, the
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the circulation in the main channel, may be mentioned not only as a
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Especial difficulties are encountered in the efforts to enumerate the
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its maximum intensity does not correspond so closely as in aneurysm
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especially with chlorosis. It remains to be determined whether this cast-like arrange-
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ing urgent and intense fits of dyspnoea. Some patients are obliged
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conditions which influence the result are various. It may be, therefore,
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of the right lung and Ij-mphatic glands has been reported by Dr.
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carries great significance. But a still more remarkable quality of
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are exactly in accordance with those made by myself, in 1854, in the
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starting from the anterior metliastinum and penetrating the other
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enough a bridge open to traffic from neuron A to neuron B, but barred
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other man to demonstrate the modes of action of the
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bad, and no career, however creditable, is entirely
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Rexzi, De. Rirista elinica e ternpeutiea, 1SS8, 7.-35. Rosexheim, T. Archiv f.

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