disappears. The joint usually completely recovers, but may be left
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which opens posteriorly. The greater part of the worm is occupied by
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The erythema is characterised by its abrupt margin and its red or coppery
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three or four hours' duration are by no means rare. It is generally stated
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foon fall av/ay to nothing when carried to China or
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to the antiseptic action exerted by the gastric juice. These spores, how-
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with negative results. Eecently, however, Adami in Canada, and Eabino-
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Pathogenesis. — Temporary polyuria (without glycosuria) was pro-
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gouty deposits in the joints of a patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
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ings for the recovery of penalties under this Act, except those
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and pleural effusion, usually right-sided, is by no means rare.
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within the blood vessels. In the spleen and bone marrow the parasites
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bladder, and that seen over a gumma. Partial perihepatitis is also often
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smaller, having in them gelatinous fluid, which has in it many hydatid
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(Weir Mitchell and Beichert). This fact accounts for the variation in the
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naturally thrown in his way the examination of feve-
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green food, and chiefly as much green parfley as he
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closed bronchus contains an increasing amount of secretion the bronchus
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hogs fhould be carefully kept from cultivated lands,
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foot fhould be given daily in a glals of theriacated
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tests, therefore, much assistance can be gained in making a diagnosis
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the opiate. With this view, it will be highly necef-
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cases that the drug had any special value. But while in the ma-
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not sufficient clinical evidence to warrant all the therapeutic claims set
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The over-distended right heart must be relieved at all risks. When the
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digestion proceeds. Avoid a one-sided diet. The diet should contain
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fome the ^iag-evil, which feizcs a)l the mufcles of
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and tliey were ver) ferviceable as fiimpter-mules in
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This is rare, occurring once in about every three hundred autopsies. 1
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all of which greater numbers of bacteria, and larger amounts of toxines
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white blaze have been thought capricious ; and tliat
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sequela of dysentery contracted in these climates, liver abscess is almost
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exist. Indurated tissue, as a rule, surrounds the chronic cavities. Such
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absence of itching and pain, and the tendency for the lesions to arrange
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fop, garlic, fquils, gum ammoniac, &:c. which may
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autogenous culture. In this connection, attention should be called to the un-
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excreted should be determined, the urine should be tested with perchloride
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should be palpated to see if there is any tenderness. This should
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of conditions is a fertile source of intestinal obstruction. As a result of
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The technique used in the intravenous method is practically the same
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develops without fever, but Bury, quoting Meignen, alludes to a general-
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Elliott published in The Ophthalmoscope, July 1910, p. 482, the details

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