intimated, is not combined with other conditions of constitutional physical

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Pieginald Southey, M.B. Oxon., 1, Harley -street. W.

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shall before or at the time of his obtaining the degree of Bachelor

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There is no real danger in an ordinary attack. The most important

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as the external jugular can empty itself with unusual ease into the unfilled

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"SliJSiL r^?'^«^*''''!^:*''5^^"L* issue, s^e, and consS>t1on.- You look for "

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a patient who, in spite of the most marked ataxia, has traveled several miles a

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professional pupil; and shonld any snoh candidate present himself and gain

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301. Pharmacology. — The physiological analysis and interpretation of the mode of

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fers for years, both from the heart disease and from fresh arthritic attacks.

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and tenable for three years. "Not more than one of these scholar-

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Jf-SS^S^K'^^-^^'^iLi" ^ «^t««*i«t of the <Hsa«se as fs possible.

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in a subsequent chapter on syphilis of the spinal cord. (3) Chronic hydro-

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the chief dangers of the disease. In one of our female patients the disease

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patient amplifies it and elaborates it into a fantastic series of delusions. The

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principle of receiving all students on equal terms as regards fees,

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Section C - Process1n§ of Fresh Fluid Milk and Bulk Milk.

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of special " trophic " functions, but, after careful experiments, it seems cer-

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week, same as the longer practical course, £5 5s. Separate laboratory in

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be at a standstill. Actual cures are rare (vide infra), so that in general an

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14. Pediatric Clinic. — A clinic and conference course. Elective. W., 9:00-10:00.

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points are sometimes found over the brachial plexus, over the radial nerve on

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at first, but, later, if the injury be above the reflex arc, they are increased;

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Candidates are expected to matricxdate, to take out tickets for the

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surgery. The hour from twelve to one o'clock daily is spent at the conjoint clinical lec-

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error by tumors which, though situated in the brain substance and ai a com-

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French, and German, parsing of words, will be required ; also transla-

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John Charles Thorowgood, M.D. Lend., 10, Finshiiry-

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spine, ribs, and other bones. The serious, often febrile general condition, the

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de la Grandeur des JRiomainis et de leur Decadence;" translation,

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(2) Chronic alcoholism, (a) Physical and mental debility: Chronic

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Natural Philosophy as voluntary subjects. Matriculation examinations

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