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blood for their needs during repose, but not during active exercise. The

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the occipital lobe of the opposite side. These are, no doubt, commissural

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and marked retardation in the jxilsation of the distant arteries. In

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rare, it is due to the ordinary causes of neuritis elsewhere, and is

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ration, but most with his uniform purity of purpose.

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allij. PatJwl. Bi-rlin, 1892.— 4. Vihchow. Gcsammelte Abhandl. Fraiikf. 18.')6.

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Berlin. \v.': .—2':'. Pktiiex. Nord. Med. Ark. Stockholm, 1807.

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posterior cord of the brachial plexus, and supplies the entire deltoid

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skin becomes pale and flaccid, the circulation feeble,

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teen years. She has never borne a child at full term,

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instance uninterrupted, or Avas quickly re-estal)lished. The details are

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numbness in the fingers. The patient was anaemic, but during the

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which haemorrhage from the bowel, although generally less abundant

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of the ve.ssel and the aperture, which is apparent immediately below the juncture of two valves,

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in the fact that almost without exception they are associated with

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lyn, has given it in the most heroic doses with good

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narrowed or occluded by disease ; they may be obstructed at their aortic

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The pain never starts at a spot outside the territory of the fifth

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in this city who do not prescribe over their counters,

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