(4) Remove from stain, and wave in air to dry slightly.

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Atrophied tissue may be restored, as where a wasted muscle again increases

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A, B, and C are to be considered as having given typical positive

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only act as poisons if they find in certain cells atom groups capable of binding

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of pure CuS0 4 .5H 2 0. The CuS0 4 .5H 2 0 and water are

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thicknesses which shut off the less penetrating rays. The

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may swell in mumps. The breath has often a heavy, foetid smell.

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hesive tape applied to glass stoppers when the containers are

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Symptoms and course. — The period of initiation appears in

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distance from the target to the skin were half that of the target

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for 6 to 10 ml portions of blood, receives in each vessel

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Rashes, joint affections, inflammation about the seat of inoculation,

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is passed for a sufficient distance to allow its tip to reach the most

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10- 2 , 10- 3 , 10- 4 , etc., in the example above. Both positive and nega-

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rare ; either degeneration or fibrosis is also present, or the two processes may be

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bacillus. But in the majority of cases other colonies also develop. The

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solution into a 25-ml Erlenmeyer flask. While the flask

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made from the nasal secretion; this comparatively rare type of

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and organic, . . . and in nearly every instance with most gratifying

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Mimeae. The name is derived from the Latin word "mimus"

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presses of ice-cold water are placed on the chest and the abdomen. The

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0.1 pH. Keep the solution in a refrigerator. When the

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hours to recover, she was up and about after from two to four

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hemorrhage set in, which was checked by hot douche thrown

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minor degree of hypertrophy is found in the later months of

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fibrous are not only more difficult to remove, but frequently

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muscles from whatever cause ; (g) fatty accumulation and infiltration.

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which were still there. A new notch had appeared on the up-

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as with regard to the rule of similars, or any other rule pertain-

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does not affect the tactual sense ; while the positivist is content

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it in 1897. The last time the fever occurred in Edinburgh was in the year

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versative party, while their leaders were incited to redoubled

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(2) In a series of 8 test tubes, set up the complement titra-

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