vol. i. 187", i>. 126 ; and in a letter by Dr. Koliertson in the same volume, p. 211. Tlie

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dicates that the tumor is on the right side, and pro-

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water in the brain ? If not, then we are forced to believe

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air they suffer from loss of heat, like animals with

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recognise further a superior division, extending from the upper opening of

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It is more common for the alcoholic poison to produce ocular paralysis

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or cat be used for this experiment, a sufficient collateral cii'culation is not

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contain the principal relerencfs to chlorotic thrombosis. The following Nos. 181 to 192

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advisable to recommend tenotomy Avhen the contracture of the calf

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G. Stedrnan, a former Secretary of this organization, a

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pectoris proper, the pain and numbness of the left arm are sometimes

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under many circumstances where no reasonable suspicion of aneurysm

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tities can sometimes be injected in a comparatively short time without

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often by clonus. The removal of cerebral inhibition from the spinal

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United States, and would b^, : eminently proper if it

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not by their botanical features, but by those which to

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from calomel average smaller than those in pill mass,

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Girl aged 5 years. Attacks began when 3^ years old in the month of February. She

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sheath of the funiculus and along the lines of the septa ; it is alwa\'s

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detritus. This is quickly followed by the appearance of fibrin, which

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refreshingly. She was disposed to attribute it to an-

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Orrupaiion. — There seems some ground for the opinion that long

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Expectoration, when present, as a rule gives no positive information

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through the glands at the root of the lung, and then along the l)r()nchial

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former to the latter ; thus the escape of the blood (of the aorta) to the

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a greater or lesser extent peripherally. The effusion was always accom-

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unrest and the emaciation which attend it, often conduces largely to

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The remaikaljle im|)rovement which took place under daily applications

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mediastinal abscess does not come to the surface it might be confounded

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branch, and also on the pulmonar}' valves (other valves normal), Flexner

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tions and splendid churches, with proportional sala-

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the Blood," Trans. Clin. Soc. vol. xxiii. p. 195; 1890. — 10. Coiplaxd. "Case of


mon occurrence — this remedy has been successfully

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to the proximal segments, and finally invaded the muscles of the trunk.

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mediastinal malignant disease that the fibrinous element has so pre-

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