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is obvious that these effects must vary with the functional importance
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blood may be added to those consequent upon local venous stasis.
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the thoracic walls have been extensively infiltrated, along with intra-
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fail and will always derive assistance from internal
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and Auld, and of M'Crorie ; as will he seen hy a comparison of the
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most startling " manifestations." Last year, we agreet
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fact that inflammatory acti\dty in these tissues is always associated with
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gnosis, and compared with all the inferences from history and symptoms
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Arsenical paralysis. — The causes of arsenical poisoning have been
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sensation of a palpable tumour, referable to a collection of blood in the
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on himself of the first blood-letting, and to have it repeated "before the
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perceptibly. If there exists a call for a dispensary
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tory if the gastric juice is small in quantity and feebly
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(ii.) True neuralgia minr.r. — There is, however, a second form of
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she fell to the floor. Hef husband after helping to
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vagina as far as it will pass, the bulb C to be com-
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edly the most hurtful ; but the question is, how can
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fered from chronic uterine disease, was taken in labor
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regarded by some investigators as also motor in function.
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given about as satisfactory results as so much tur-
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the muscles last referred to. Not infrequently in a lesion of the whole
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ing between the muscles; (c) in wounds opening into
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of its effects upon neighbouring structures, the most important being
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until they become entirely inaudible over the area of lung corresponding
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of traumatic origin ; and immediate benefit seemed to have ensued upon
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in which sympathetic neuritis occurs, the corresponding nerve on the
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liquors. He finds that it occurs only in certain indi-

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