that organ, as well as of those that have been still

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the vessels or septic infection. Subsequently it was

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Binder, nolens volens ; and while he was willing to

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far more frequently than of the up})er. In eight out of eleven cases of

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alley, and sighs over " the improvident marriages of

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entirely out of the operator's way. All that part of

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of ascending neuritis ; and a large amount of organised lymph or blood

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probably by their tonic effect on the nervous system.

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study, mainly in frogs, of the mode of formation of thrombi. He came

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have to submit to the disgrace — the same class are

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capillaries and arterioles may cause an increased peripheral resistance in

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suspicion of the commercial, should never find a place

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to alcohol or mechanical congestion. Dickinson says in chronic renal

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the intramuscular branches of the coronary arteries of the heart, and

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tissue, and show young connective cells, leucocytic infiltration, and blood-

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however, that a fibroid transformation sometimes takes place, even of the

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In spite of good treatment the ulceration increased.

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interest, is a rare event in tuberculosis. Most common are the instances

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1872, pp. 81, 113. — 22. Idem. " On a rare vaso-motor Neurosis of the Extremities

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described as high-pitched, as distinct in character, and sometimes as rougher

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absence of any legislative provision whereby it shall

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slight variations, for about ten days, when paralysis,

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disease of the intestine or by portal obstruction, in combinition with

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