the progress of events is acute from first to last, and that the existence
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which had arisen during the course of six months. The necropsy
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and that we insist on revolutionizing their business
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might have resulted from cutting away a small slice of the true skin.
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The anatomical changes are — in the first stage ; effusion into the
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sion of leave of absence on surgeon's certificate of disability
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gray matter of the floor of the fourth ventricle and of the anterior horns
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brought more effectively into play for the consolidation and ultimate
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metrium as if it were actually an offender, instead of
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rarely to the posterior or middle, or to the lateral boundaries : but the
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ated with localising symptoms, such as hemiplegia or paralysis of the
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erally by practitioners they might find their patients
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persons. Many a child spends its schooldays in mis-
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With the accumulation of leucocytes, fibrillated fibiin, which at first
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changed, almost until death. The reflex excitability
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tite. The action on the pulse is neither greater nor
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a year, and he always relieved him in a few minutes
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had reason to be gratified. Minute details must not
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but differing from this morbid growth in that the apices and upper parts
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fibres of the descending root could be clearly traced directly into the
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vertigo, and ringing in the ears, especially on bending over. In the light
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cutting short an attack of pyaemia, due to suppurative phlebitis, is as
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case, an ovoid gall-stone was found, measuring three
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Muscles of the face. — Decided paralysis of the facial muscles rarely
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at the age of 62, the arterial disease may be assumed to have
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