(large sized) frog I gave ten grains of blue mass, and
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the ])ortal and mesenteric veins, the cerebral veins and sinuses, the
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on the opposite side. This condition is rarely found alone, being in the
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pulous to the last degree, and who do everything you
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* Tnternatwno.l CHiiir.i, lor. n't. p. 36. The first alarm of disease in the case here
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Taylor, B. D., 1st lieutenant and assistant surgeon. Assigned!
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in adults. Depression of the supra-sternal, supra- and infra-clavicular,
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in which this operation has been performed ; so far as I am aware.
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at one time should never exceed ยง j> but this may
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and as regards the second, it must be borne in mind that the condition
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osteitis deformans, where a connection with the nervous system is im-
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may be very difficult to recognise. With regard to the heart and liver,
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Reporter for January 1st, 1870, a Splendid, First-Class,
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of the brain, between the Sylvian borders. The first
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diac irregularity is generally called functional, unless
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to deal, it Avill be for the welfare of the patient that we should not be
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for personal examination. Our attention has often been
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hence it is a common form of sleep paralysis ; and in not a few cases
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buildings had been erected, and as there was little
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a brief but valuable synopsis has been recently pul)lished by Dr. Kely-
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garded from the standpoint of local or of constitu-
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a tonic; in such cases it may be continued in small
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conversion of the bichloride into yellow oxide takes
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Chemical analysis (Regnard) shows a most striking deviation from
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limb is to be kept at rest as far as possible. If the pain be limited to a
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Schimmelbusch, explain the beginning of a white thrombus by the
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or no relief, ami under such circumstances the operation has been per-
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haA'e been confirmed by Bowlbj^, Thorburn, and Bruns (of Hanover).
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with a tumour in this region, but the general history and course of the
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strength and fulness, or, it may be, even complete obliteration of the

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