of the general symptoms and varies between complete idiocy and a
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clusions. Thickening of the walls of the arterioles may be (a) in
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Physical examination showed the right pupil to be larger than the left.
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nary agenesis of nerve fibres, defective development of the nerve
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because of the imperfect arterial supply, and in some cases, especially
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his mother died. At that time he was living on a farm not in an endemic
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clusions. Thickening of the walls of the arterioles may be (a) in
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that Fuchsius (1542) first gave it the name " digifc-alis" from the Ger-
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case is on record of a woman who died at the age of eighty after hav-
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extensive clinical use, but which have not been subjects of thorough
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downwards rather than to the left, distinct increase in the action of
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has always been a subject of considerable scientific interest because
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the internal coat progressively advance into the interior of the coagu-
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the prognosis was more favorable in cases in which the pulse-rate
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overload, varying from 100 per cent, to a maximum of 220 per cent.
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minute living things is required, and " micro-organism " is too cumbrous.
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of resistance, in which the muscle work may be measured. The
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Case 2. — B. A., a white woman, married, 38 years old, was admitted to the
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pellagrins of the two sexes in our study where we have 118 daughters
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given in the concentration of 1-10, of which the dose is a tablespoon-
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itself becomes incompetent to overcome the obstacles in its way, part
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inflammation predisposed to by the former. Where the giant growth
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area of conduction which it manifests w T hen the valve has been thick-
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TABLE 1. — Normal Value of Serum Proteins as Found in the Literature
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Among the causes which produce the original impediments to lymph
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Changes in the Spinal Tracts: To determine what, if any. were the effects
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left cheek is an indurated ulcer 5 cm. in diameter, having a granulating base
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skin is capable of restoration to its normal condition, for under the
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patient rnay be allowed to leave his bed for some hours each day, but
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that any enlargement that may exist affects only the left auricle and
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the healthy artery on the cardiac side and may thus diminish or
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needles should be inserted directly through the skin covering the
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monia complicated by serum disease. The severity of the serum disease is
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with the regularity of the action of the heart. Any irregular action,
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rate was higher than usual, 90 to 100 instead of about 70. There was
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The averages were 78.56 and 76.20 with the respective solutions,
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nary circumstances succumb under the additional stress of childbearing.
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may be carried away to the class of Infectious Diseases, and so forth ;
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of gouty storms in producing the lesions of chronic aortitis. I have
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60. Achard, Touraine, and Saint-Girons : Arch, de med. exper. et d'anat. path.,
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eighteen three times, four four times and three five times, thus making
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of the heart. Lussana discovered such obstruction in 21 out of 36
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Lardaceous degeneration has been said to affect branches of the

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