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Sjimptoriu. — Acute arteritis may come on during the progress of the

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ture of membranous portion of the urethra is rarely

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links with Ra;naud's disease, the pain appeared with occurrence of

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The writings of George Johnson, Broadbent, Nothnagel, Eulenburg,

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axis-cylinder. The neighbouring vessels are dilated, their perivascular

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are probably coincident with the disintegration of the infected thrombus ;

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volved large joints, one involving the shoulder, seven

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few instances on record in which the details are adequately given, and

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ancients were correct in thinking that the maternal

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(vi.) The last group to be mentioned consists of those which present

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over the femora to a limited extent, accompanied by

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Charcot and Ferrier into these pages, completely and

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suffers injury, it is either damnum absque injuria, or,

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being sometimes rapidly intensified by the supervention of acute cedema

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platelets circulate with the red corpuscles in the axial blood-current, but

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grave in relation to intra-thoracic growths, and as a rule practically hope-

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believing that the conversely atrophic condition arises from a diminished

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was certainly the case in one instance that came under my observation,

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compression of bronchi. In rare instances interlobular and subpleural

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Treatment. — (a) Drugs. — The drugs which have been recommended

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the contrary, the injection into the medullary canal

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insignificance by the fact that the essay on " Chloral

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