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trunk ; fourthly, the muscles of respiration, and finally, those of the

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of attributing it to caries, just as in Pott's disease,

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ness and tingling, followed by anaesthesia, coldness of the skin, and

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siderable time in suitable cases, especially where the pain lies completely

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than anyone else, contributes skilled labor, and is

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App. p. xxii. — 149. GoonwoRTii. Brit. Afed. Journ. 1896, i. p. 1501. — 150. Kirkman.

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para que sirve el bactrim compuesto

cerebral haemorrhage in young people. I have examined several cases ;

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karyorrhexis. The leucocytic detritus adds to the granular material of

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more important. It Avas a Avell-marked case of erythromelalgia of the

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the digastric, although, as already shown, these muscles are probably

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A large group of vegetable alkaloids, such as conine, curara, nicotin,

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valvular disease of the heart ; 4th, Any of the preceding, alternating with

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growth may be mediastinal. Other classes of cases of secondary cancer

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express to you the entreaty that you will forthwith

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within the nose ; hence the value of a careful rhinoscopic examination in

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on commencing paralysis of the muscles of respiration ; but qualitative

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As has already been urged, these mechanical disturbances of the

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author more in the use of airy speculation than in the

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It is not clear whether any pass directly into the so-called descending

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The thanks of the Society are due to Dr. G. W. Bur-

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is no uncommon lesion in this situation. Indeed, an oculo-motor palsy

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III. The relation of the physician to his patients.

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may increase at times in severity. Certain painful parts can be indi-

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the optic nerve itself is not uncommonly implicated, especially when the

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observation ; although here also great leucocytal infiltrations occur around

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the disease at the outset most commonly attacks one extremity only ; and

Para Que Sirve El Bactrim Compuesto