not be possible (Virchow, Targett, and othei's). Every attempt to
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inhalations are peculiarly adapted to the local treat-
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farction of the lung occurs especially with high degrees of chronic pas-
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to remark here that the patient (who had remained Avell and fit for work
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discontinuous jerky movement occurs, the jerks being roughly speaking in
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(c) In an eight-months' human ftetus the passage of the medullated
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well as formerly. Subsequently the extensors of the toes, the flexors of
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the existence of a general peri-bronchitis. The right
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even of comparatively healthy persons • but the marvel is that it should
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Capillary thrombi. — The bUiod in the capiHaries remains fluid, even
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adduced, although it cannot reasonably be construed
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chamber of the tooth may die, and with it the nerve in one or more roots,
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diminished resistance, into the stream - bed belonging to the closed
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emboli.sra is described by Cohnheim as "recurrent" — an epithet which
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growth of cells may be determined by chemical substances derived from
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attains a great thickness, or even forms definite n::asses. The material
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complete relief, and if persisted in will strengthen
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Angina, in its graver forms, is an appalling and a picturesque disease,
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situations apparently the most unpromising, so far as the circulatory
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three 'respectable' physicians (no offense, doctor,) who
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Stille, in the National Dispensatory, laud this essence
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quency of this event is noteworthy in view of the fibrinous state of the
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^ Professor Coats lias founil tliat in 300 consecutive post-mortem examinations, carefully
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been seen more than four years after the primary infection. In fact, the
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lieved from duty at Ft. Grant, A. T., and assigned to duty at
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number of patients, however, lapse into the second category ; or if they
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Cases of sciatica are a'pt to be obstinate, and may Ust for months or
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Paine, A. G., Cottage Grove and Oakwood Avenues, Chicago 568
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lar phthisis, with more or less haemoptysis, is one of

Does Bactrim Cause Cold Sores