might have been due to the partial disintegration of
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Changes in the retina and optic nerve are, as a rule, unaccompanied
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the muscle. On microscopical examination the fibres are seen to be
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human machinery of locomotion. [Vide s,vt. "Diseases of the Arteries,"
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others, forming ovoid balls, which sometimes break up into rows of glob-
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ever, which is now too clearly ascertained to admit of any doubt. It
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this inflammation with tissue-loss only; another se-
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in a case under my observation to which I have already referred.
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defects in the movement of a part l)e due to incoordination, or to
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less favourable changes occurring even in the most unpromising
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a greater or lesser extent peripherally. The effusion was always accom-
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apparently to the fundus, about the size of a pullet's
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A. believed to consist in a retention of the calculus
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elevated ; it is not common, however, in the medium-sized arteries, and
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are to be lifted into the abdominal cavity and held
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afford useful indications, (y) Physical and other special signs obviously
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reaching the smallest veins. The favourite starting-point of so-called
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In this prescription, as you will observe, the patient
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activity should be forbidden. Cold baths, friction, massage and rational
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he refrains from theorizing or allowing any one else
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obliteration {vide Figs. 1 6 and 1 8). A similar change is found in the vessels
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Heredity is traceable to the mother, therefore. The
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discussed, and as the observations on the hemiopic pupillary reaction
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â– which may spread to the whole of the brachial plexus.
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on the wliole (with these exceptions) from the larger to the smaller arteries. There may be
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pupil of no importance. Owing, also, to the delay in
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of the blood ; not to the direct effect of the poison on nerve elements.
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thrombi. The first observation which I have found of such a thrombus
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at intervals over the sewers. These openings permit
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a gram (15.4 gr.) of blue mass I spread it mixed with
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