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tion coincides with the laws of nature, I will refer

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istered subcutaneously in a forty per cent, solution.

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tion, the development of an adequate collateral circulation is rendered

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would probably prove as beneficial as any treatment,

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layer of new bone, over the adjacent portion of the shaft (von Kahlden,

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and Tibia of Opposite Sides (the Osteitis Deformans of

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an exposed pulp. Alcohol in most cases causes a marked improvement ;

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presence of hyaline material in old white thrombi will be spoken of

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evidence of strain or of more or less serious accident, such as might

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Paralysis," Virchow s Archiv, Bd. Iviii. Heft 2. — 61. Mickle. "Syphilis of the

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agent? Fortunately we have another, sulphuric ether,

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leg. The patient, however, was able to walk until June, although he became

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