be most watchfully guarded and the true condition of
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data for determining the f i equency of embolism in different arteries relate
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occurs very soon after birth. Exceptionally life may be prolonged for
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is generally very difficult to accomplish, owing to the
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position, when the uterus will fall, by gravity, toward
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and delighted at the promptness of its action in the
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which has not, so far as I am aware, been in use in
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peritonitis following tapping; specimen of apoplexy
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observed as a complication. The channels for establishment of a
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tion. Each paroxysm is either the single response of the inflamed pulp
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and the dorsal auditory nucleus, how is this nerve brought into associa-
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(-t), in which a small exo.stosis was found after death to press upon
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in the cord, his form would be a functional disturbance in the cord.
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the fact of the existence of Pacinian corpuscles on the walls of the vessels,
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heading to indicate the phenomena which may be revealed by special
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as an exaggerated local result of chronic mediastinitis. Individual cases
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once into the external jugular vein of a medium-sized dog withotit caus-
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allowed to take gentle exercise, and ultimately even to handle a light fishing-
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in some cases there is a gradation of extensor paralysis in the fingei's, being
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position to retroversion, she had no uterine disease..
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perhaps the most commonly enlarged, and it is characterised by
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conclusions with regard to the position of cardiac neuralgia and neuritis
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This well established fact does not correspond with
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ing List scarcely needs any introduction to the pro-
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branches of the superior mesenteric artery. Intestinal infarction has
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A similar conclusion, arrived at on quite independent e^^dence, as regards
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although at the necropsy the evidence of incompetence was indubitable.
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may undoubtedly be caused by fat-embolism of the cerebral vessels,
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anywhere except what it induces itself in great doses,
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(8) In all such cases the evidence is in favour of the changes being
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considered owe their origin directly or indirectly to some gross tangible
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thumb and fingers, may state that his fingers feel drawn when he awakes
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