cumstance alone of absolutely no pathological impor-
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the defective muscle, instead of lengthening its an-
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ordinarily rare complication or sequel of influenza. It is more common
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small vessels and the axillary artery were tied with
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sis of original or secondary disease of the cerebellum
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nature of the case, and that it was likely to prove
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ence to their peculiar fitness. Dr. Quine is professor
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F]dinl)urgh (being the first occasion, I believe, when the use of instrument;. 1 laryngeal
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fections, good results follow the inhalation of the
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scrutinised with extreme care, when they will be found to fall
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muscles of the fingers and wrists are successively attacked by paralysis
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impulses from each set of higher levels antagonise or inhibit one another
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gestive, or, it may be, more or less characteristic of tumour within the
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cheek ; and in drinking, the fluid may run out at the angle of the mouth.
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seapularis, the flexors of the wrist and fingers, and the muscles of
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deep-seated tumor, tender but not painful, about the
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wound. The carrying of heavy weights on the shoulders, especially
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quiring active treatment, cups were applied over the
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charity institution should not be held liable for negli-
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frequently than in other acute infective diseases. Leichtenstern notes
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is variable, and very frequently no bruit has been heard during life,
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stitutional conditions now to be described. Amongst them wasting, with
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paralysed, the right internal rectus be weakened — that is, a divergent stra-
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of questionable cases is commonly disposed of ; thus still further
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to the muscle K.C.C. and A.C.C. are equally easy to obtain ; while in health,
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occasion, however, " this nobleman immediately cried out that the
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Paget). Reprinted from the Med. Record, February 28, 1880
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Read.— On Nov. 23d, at Mount Holly, N. J., Elizabe*
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cases no characteristic bruit is detected. As a natural sequence of this it
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the central ganglia and the eye of the same side, and occupying the
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The neiuitis of leprosy is also largely sensory (vol. ii. p. 58). Cases
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It is trtie that occasionally the gait of a patient suffering from multiple
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revelations, and it is often easy to include them in the survey, especi-

How Does Bactrim Work For Acne