Avere a slight extravasation under the right nipple, and some bruises
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has successfully tretiimedthe spine. In 1845 he removed
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disease may cause a secondary sciatica, probably neuralgic ; if it 'does
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of life. Believing that he could detect the very be-
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in 1859, in which he states that not a trace of disease was found in the
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instance arise as solid cords formed of endothelial cells proliferating from
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general a sense that the phrase ceases to have any meaning. In epilepsy,
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sli'^ht but (Ustinct icterus, lasting as a rule about twenty-four hours. The spleen was
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and Kolliker show that a similar decussation of root-fibres occurs in man ;
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curette, and if infiltrated, total extirpation instead of
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after the operation, which was doubtless caused from
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the sternum , or from the cartilaginous or bony framework. This seat of
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occurred, which the irregularity of the temperatures
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not be some danger of knotting or twisting the cord,
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rhage may extend a variable distance into the infarct, and in very rare
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reversal of the normal current is far more frequent in lymphatic vessels
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belong to a very learned profession, either. " I ignored
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alatum; b, A painful swelling of the upper third of
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in recovery after several years ; the cure was attributed to " faith
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a certain order of business. The following has been
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in his official documents in the form of his reports.
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ion, appears to us decidedly deficient, in that it gives
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of specific remedies with local counter-irritation is all that can be done
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347,000 times greater than that of tlie parent stem (malaptereunus).
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cervical ganglia, we obtain, it is true, similar phe-
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large area in the f. ont of the arch, the orifice between the artery and the
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In most cases they ai'e congenital in origin, l^y some authors they are
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introduce from without into the sac some foreign body, giving a large

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