to a weak faradic current this form of electricity may also be employed
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middle of the axilla; then by gentle percussion at a
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AuiBmia, cachexia, leucorrhoea, exhaustion following on lactation,
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of the knees in Avalking is performed Avith almormal vigour, and presents
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treatment, such a sifting, that already the errors which
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procedure which will leave the patient the greatest
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mena very like those of a chronic pleurisy with little or no effusion, and
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the nerve must be tried The amount of tension brought to bear on the
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preciation sanitary acts are waste paper, and sanitary
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vessel " in a case of aortic aneurysm, reparative and ulcerative processes
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percussion, will usually confirm the inferences to be drawn from the
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appeaiauces noted in individual cases, — in addition to those already
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and alcohol are to be imiuired for and corrected. Irregularity in meals,
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Severe pressure causes a lesion closely resembling section or ligature
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arterial blood and the shocks arising from the ever-recurring cardiac
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and Chirurgical Society of London a most elaborate paper (63), which
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or rheumatic-like pains in the limbs, and of numbness and tingling in the
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Dr. Schmitz, of Cologne, previously completely bald,
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James, death followed on the night of the operation. Among four or
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that Dr. Murray Avould even now attempt a complete, and a reasoned
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generative reactions to the constant current recorded. In Allen Sturge's
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colourless or faintly yellow material, which stains Avell with Weigert's
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nervous syphilis are not at all, or scarcely, mentioned.
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about the base, namely, the vertebrals and the basilar, together Avith the
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ulceration of the outer coats of the artery in the same way that
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constant and troublesome symptom. A common symptom also, and
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intensity of the destruction, depends the extent and completeness of the
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become thereby a mure powerfid factor than under nonual circum-
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in walking. In such cases certain parts of the sole are particularly
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acknowledges that a billionth of an inch is no less an
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