Jaundice, from pressure on the bile-ducts, very frequently occurs,
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Chemical anaesthesia rapidly abolishes the knee-jerk. Depriving the peri-
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amputation, and not referable to ischsemia of the cord.
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conditions have also been desci'ibed in connection with diabetes in cases
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glossia, and the attacks are apt to recur on very slight provocation ; though
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association -with sensory disturbance and motor weakness, speak for a
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at movement by contraction of muscles which prevent it : and it is often
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The most frequent site of arterial thrombosis is in the extremities,
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held a convention before publishing their works there
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1 Gazette Medicale, No. 26, June 1879, De Posteomyelite et
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section, in the possession of Dr. Gay lord, of a superficial tuberculous
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causes of many diseases, and of many deaths, can be
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wounds, there is so much bruising and consecjuent exudation of inflam-
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after consultation ; care being taken that all the precautions and all
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From some experiments, made by Therese, it seems possible that the
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another is the same as the order of the degree of their different repre-
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Appendicitis. — Mention maybe made of the occurrence of thrombosis
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any system of small fees for poor people is certainly
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at its confines. Pleuritic conditions and emphysema must always be
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exposure to cold has sometimes been the most noteworthy antecedent,
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Surgical Reporter he concludes the report of a case
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Fig. n. — Photomicrograph. Periarteritis nodosa. Mresarteritis and endarteritis of the aorta. The
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Cantab., 1897. — 14. Charcot and Ball. Diet, des sciences midicales, v. p. 5G1. —
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may be signs on physical examination of deficient entrance of air into
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ing or cavities, but with gradual suppression of the respiratory sounds
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lympho-sarcomatous growths in this region. They usually give rise to
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allowed to remain quiet at the ordinary temperature

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