fore the patient had been subjected to the prostrating
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ammonis, it may form a rich plexiform distri1)Ution around neighbouring
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lobular coiiflensation, lioiii old and rfceiit liaTnorrhago
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of such connective replacement ; tb.e changes noted in the nerves, and
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lent filter for preventing the passage of bacteria.
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The material comyiosing the thrombus was considered to be, at least in
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It is trtie that occasionally the gait of a patient suffering from multiple
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Varieties of emboli. — Substances of the most varied character, solid,
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flaps separated, exposing the tibia to the extent of
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simultaneous affection of one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve,
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are quite independent of the salivary glands ; and, even when invaded,
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independent description can be given of the symptoms and physical signs
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Patient had an attack of coughing during latter part
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relief of our patient, and leave the catheter & perma-
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be pursued in general neurasthenia, more especially
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gation, made an ex parte examination of the alleged
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satisfied would clear up much of the dispute respect-
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absolutely distinctive of thoracic tumour or aneurysm as anything apart
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Is interesting from a medico-scientific point of view.
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may not suffer, even from very great exertions, as in rowing competitions.
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infectious disease, such as scarlet fever, measles, typhoid fever or erysipelas,
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diminish indefinitely, wdiile the case is under observation.
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arthropathy, not division l)Ut prolonged irritation of a nerve is necessary ;
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rtuid into the renal vessels. Sections stained with Weigert's fibrin-stain
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Angiosklerose," Wiener klin. Wochenschr. 189(), pp. 147, 170.— 11. Gerhardt.
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to send a note of this action of the Society to Dr.
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the profession. It meets once a year, has a variety of
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the late stages of facial paralysis, Avhen there is shortening of the muscle
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other animals examined, the excretion amounted to 7

Will Bactrim Cure Strep Throat