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gam, or pelicular exudation, in the earlier stages, or

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emaciation in cases of mediastinal tumour has also been specially attributed

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the latter ; as well as profuse offensive expectoration, and foetor of the

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infarct occupies only a part, sometimes but a small part, of the area

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remaining as the sole evidence of the previous existence of the disease.

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Vrnenpulsation, Leipzig, 1894 ; "Ueber Schlussunfahigkeit der Lungenarterienklap-

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Slavic and Italian literature has not been searched, and the American

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necropsy the gastrocnemii were found large and fatty Avith only traces of

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pregnant daughter retired to the bed-room out of the

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In addition to the professional papers, action will be

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ligatured artery. In some experiments, which I performed many years ago

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then the destructive process is more apt to be cir-

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more extensive series of recorded cases treated by electrolysis Petit reckons

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given to an irritative and a vaso-motor type, helped greatly to enlarge

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Should the abscess approach the surface it may be recognised by the usual

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"each seaman shall have two suits of underclothing "

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thin blood, sallow skin, and a continual devotion to

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joints, and especially is this the case with the last two fingers. The

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this region ; and their true interpretation may, without due care, be

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likely to produce thrombosis. Thromboses of the cerebral sinuses, and

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thrombi, and attributing their causation to enfeebled circulation.

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central myelitis. In this disease sensibility is strik-

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Raynaud, amongst rare contributory causes of symmetrical gangrene,

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vantage over the usual run of medical literature: it

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Sometimes when the phlebitis comes on, the general symptoms of

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of slight drying of the corneal surface, no opacity or idceration was de-

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