rigidity alone renders it impossible to elicit the knee-jerk.

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except such as may be due to weakness of its muscular walls. Palpitation

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in the diagnosis between aneurysm and a solid tumour within the chest,

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about 102' F., on the second day, remains stationary for a few days,

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In nine other cases of pulmonary incompetence the artery was dilated,

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importance, maybe, but in the same connection I may

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When there is sclerosis of the arteries the disease must necessarily

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membrane ; or both nodules and infiltration may be present together.

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being. This the authors attribute to the exhalation

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business hours. The inevitable tendency of such a life

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glands or connected with pulmonary phthisis. Possibly it m?y arise

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in the nerves. AVe may conclude therefore that, granted certain favouring

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in its natural position, and reduces the scope of the

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especially the trachea or a main bronchus, or the oesophagus. It is

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that in poliomyelitis. Both may alike be regarded as affections of the whole

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to Geneva, X. Y. We believe he is the only surgeon who

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end-nucleus of the nerve ; so that it has not yet been found possible to

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severe pains like those of colic. The growth of the

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absolute and comparative value of calf lymph against

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The deposition of fat-emboli is most abundant in the small arteries

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and greatly tliickening their walls. These modes of extension may

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demonstrated by Arnold's discovery in a large branch of an hepatic vein

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clothes removed by a cradle, or to have his foot exposed to the air, and

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the level of the points where the blood has the greatest tendency to

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vascular tension. Respiration is not affected beyond

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three similar examples of new growth ; in one there was no ascites, and

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by Virchow. As in tuberculous arthritis, slight injuries may precipitate

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not ap[)eared until a late period, when the diagnosis was but too

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themselves, and that they place no confidence in the

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retina no pupillary contraction is observed, or merely a sluggish one ;

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'Archives of Pediatrics, vol. iii. p. 567, Oct. 1886. — 2. Affleck. "Observations on

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