ness is a much more prolific cause of erroneous diag-
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particular the effect was really not so surprising, as
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is marked lordosis, so that a plumb-line let fall from the most prominent
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In the first group of cases of angina pectoris gravior, in which the
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the revival of the discussion relative to reform in the
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Viertcl. f. Dermat. u. Syphilis, 1,S88, Bd. xx. p. 19.— 23. Idem. Allg. TVien.
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cism on the innumerable topics of medical interest.
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Tiventieth Century Practice of Medicine, vol. iv. — 42. Saundby. "Hypertrophy of the
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tion is afforded by the celebrated experiment of Brown-
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Case 6. — A. G., set. 10, a girl of strumous con-
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disease may cause a secondary sciatica, probably neuralgic ; if it 'does
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4. How far sliagraphic investigation is likely to be of service in the
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altogether absent. The synovial membrane and other soft structures have
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as dangerous, we so admonish the patient, and advise
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than as it occurs in a single foot. But, in 1878, other examples were
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Avill j)ro(luce bilateral spasm attended Avith such suffocative paroxysms ;
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carotid supply contained the larger quantity of mer-
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retrograde embolism of the hepatic vein. Pale wedge-shaped areas
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Ichthyosis may appear locally as the result of nerve degeneration, and
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The presence of a pronounced rheumatic diathesis, and the discovery of
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ball-thrombi. He is evidently nndcr a misconception of the nature of ball -thrombi. There
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The mediastinum is the seat of origin of the large majority of
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1880, presents a history of 112 cases of placenta prse-
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very generally proportionate to cerebral development ?
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This note is indebted to the December number of the

Generic Name For Bactrim Cream