in the choice of alternatives in what is known as the

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we should so infer from the following circular, ad-

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gators, with results in accordance with clinical ex-

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evidences of syphilis were forthcoming. I cannot but think that an

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aff'ecting the upper arm and shoulder of both sides. In no case are de-

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impaired, and with the abolition of the light perception the reflex

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logical actiWty of spinal centres which have been freed from cerebral

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merely to show the identity of the results of mercuri-

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but especially to chronic pleurisy. It is probable that non-fatty milky

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is a little different from ordinary sleep. In fact, wak-

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or is not generated by a micro-organism. In all such cases a bacterio-

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like those of athetosis. The movements only occurred when the limbs

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insanity affords further illustration of colloid change in nerve-centres.

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regions of the spine, counter-irritants to the same

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Hijaline thrombi. — These are of more interest and importance than

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sue — a subcutaneous scar — that fills up the hernial

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In the arm the triceps is usually hypertrophied, presenting a convex

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nor did a rectal examination render any further diag-

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various premonitory symptoms long before it culminates in gangrene.

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of the spinal cord, the spinal ganglia, and the nerves.

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whom the symptoms of erythromelalgia began soon after her confine-

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safety or passage high up of the tube, as it is not pain-

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bers of a group of muscles ; that he finds it difficult

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primary disease, if its nature is known. The association of a tumour

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two days ; but al)out a fortniglit later became breathless, had pain in the

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changes, so that the muscular elements are often not recognisalile ; this

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One year after, however, the function of the arm was

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diminution, but rather an increase to faradic stimulation, recovery

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group of Westphal, the inferior group of the anterior nucleus as described

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branches of the superior mesenteric artery. Intestinal infarction has

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