may develop early, and at first in an irregular or intermitting manner ;

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it has then a special tendency to produce local abscesses in the course of

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effect, and the question arises whether it was an acci-

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the really able men in the Association, who will ad-

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uppermost of the rootlets of the thiid nerve, the trunk of the nerve, the

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degenerative process, should not be favoured or even induced by the

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ovaries and Fallopian tubes remained in the abdomen.

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conditions of the external ear are at least curious. It

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the local lesion, a general condition of an undeter-

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Budge and Waller subsequently showed that the nervous filaments which

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precordial region, usually at the loAver mid-sternum, the pain radiates in

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Other instances of suppurative pMehitis and thrombosis, which are not

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once within ten days ; and one patient was supposed to have been in

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Cases of general convulsions, as well as of local spasm, are frequently

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Avhich occur and continue so long after the attack of fever has passed,

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turbance. The enormous size attained by some aneurysms arising from

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intensity and extent, and comes and goes in paroxysms of varying dura-

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Paralysis of the external popliteal nerve. — This nerve supplies the

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and sometimes to implicate destructively, the recurrent laryngeal nerve ^ on

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basal ganglia, and optic radiations, and destruction of the centres in the

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have been indebted for a vast deal of current infor-

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lumbar and sacral plexuses, and it supplies both the gluteus medius and

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thinks will be of advantage, in addition to those gen-

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mediastinal abscess does not come to the surface it might be confounded

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syphilis might also be suggestive, as well as the condition of the arteries

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side of the body, by applying his hand to one side of

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for any trace of organisation to be present in these globular thrombi.

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and a peripheral, each of which has its sensory and motor links. Any

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Rand, only son of Dr. S. N. and Nellie Rand Benham,

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tion in soil, and not to the degree of latitude. Dr.

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tinosa medullce. This root and nucleus are sensory, but appear to contain,

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