was the first to introduce into English hospital prac-
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^ In the last edition (1898) of Professor Whitla's Pharmacy, Materia Medica, and
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aspects of the arch, projecting upwards (towards the jugular fossa and
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the influence of chloroform. During sleep it is usually
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of any important structure, may likewise be altogether unrecognised
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notices a hard swelling in the muscle which is not tender on pressure
sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (bactrim ds) is known to enhance the activity of
directing the attention of students to the importance of a general survey
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2. Inhibition of action of nerve cells producing tremor. — It is a
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to the ordinary routine of life with the restrictions above laid down.
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sufficiency (asystole of the French school) ; conditions which, in spite of
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exceptional cases muscular paralysis and wasting are produced. Vomiting
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vomiting, and of abdominal pain or disturbed action of the bowels ; an
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able expectations of this nature, as I am led to be-
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spasm,--^excludes the possibility of reflex development. So also with the
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given. In the meantime there appear to me to be sufficient reasons for
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outside the chest, in the mammary gland for instance, occasionally
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Avithout. The results of past inflammatory processes, cicatricial adhesions,
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added to the growing list of complications of gonorrhoea (Martel, Perrin,
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growing fever, probably in connection with a congest-
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such organisms, we are to attribute a particular train of symptoms.
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relieving surgeon Anthony Heger. S. O. 3, A. G. O., Jan.
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the attendants were good, active, representative men,
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tion for 0.02 gm. == £ gr. of the sulphate of strych-
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tinctive symptoms attending the latter ; these will be enumerated
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is, of nutrition, digestion, innervation, and so forth, — can only be ade-
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to irritated sensory roots become painful impressions ; and that in angina
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II. The juvenile form of progressive muscular atrophy.

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