or present but in slight degree. Three groups may be distinguished ;

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(iv.) Pulsation of the veins in the ned: — This may be due to various

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dangerous to others, but since birth he has been re-

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they are also more involved in the physical diagnosis proper, which Avill be

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through the work of I'^rench investigators, the pendulum has swung

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were expelled. December, profuse catamenia, arrest-

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be glad to avail themselves of the advantages which

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so gradual that it is difficult to say where the body

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mental results of Solowieff. The later experiments of Cohnheim and

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which, after considerable suftering, subsided in about three months. In

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consideration of their occurrence under other circumstances therefore

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this sound is not infrequently of great value, as indicative of the fall in

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proportion of cases no doubt this happens. Moreover, when they become

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Botanica, etc. ,1761. p. 89 : "Sine valet in hemorrhagic/, narium,

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approaching the severity of a ligature, may yet interfere with the cir-

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or, more properly speaking, mental, since in persons

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tion. It is that, while not denying the different effects

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stated they may have been present. In five cases only was there a

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poison. At the same time the action of the poison is not limited to the

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at fir^t soft and later brittle, of the thrombus, may readily stagnate and

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of the metatarsal bones where the nerve divides into its digital branches.

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In 15 cases the lesion affected the right coronary.

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by their side open. Thrombi several inches long may be washed out of

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have been named chronic or acute laryngitis ; including a great number

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develop in the lungs, or even in the mediastinum, which arc either

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psychic or neural activity ; the greater the latency period, and, with this

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Foster, M., Text book of physiology. Review. ._ 262

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of platelets or formation of thrombi around hog's bristles or silk threads

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an ascending degeneration towards the cortex cerebri ; from which he con-

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