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inquisitiveness of the doctor is only rewarded by the

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origin. All that is special in the application to aneurj'sm will be

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been drunk for several days before his entrance into

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l-'ELTZ. Schmidt's Jahrb. 1870.— 28. v. Feey. Arch. f. Physiol. 1885, p. 533.-29.

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commonly associated with chest affections, but also certain phenomena

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lungs, and in 37 marked pleuritic adhesions ; in 33, effusion into one or

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vent"icular branches near the apex of the heart, forming a vertical or

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are facts too obvious to need comment ; but the question is, how far it

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aspect of diagnosis, as tending to precision and, in some cases, to the only

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more im[)ortant to note that this condition is not infrequently associated

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excision. To justify the advice he makes the assertion

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there may be diapedesis of red corptiscles, but this occurs to a perceptible

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latter is no longer the doctor's. It is certainly not

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and increased number of platelets ; although in others no s\ich relation-

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size, and apparently tending rapidly towards the surface, and at the same

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amined. A few fibres have degenerated to some extent upwards ; these are

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plete paper is the report on obstetrics and gynecol-

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"jerking, thready " pulse. Obviously an effect which

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independent or continuous -with that in the aorta, occupied the lumbar,

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There may be pain of neuralgic nature in the line of the ob-

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circulation may cause intravascular clotting. The most important of

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of the scapula produced by paralysis of its muscles.

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brief allusion may be made to its occurrence under other circumstances.

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interest, other than any of those innumerable cases of

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irritating substances may give rise to acute spasm on the part of the

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the former it appears to be an evolutionary development of a precocious

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his practice in public print; nor publicly advertise

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the poison on the spinal gray matter, hut T am not aware that there is any

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as in alcoholic and other toxic palsies ; but Kovacs holds the contrary

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by orbital extremity, posteriorly by sulcus 8, above

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part quite away from the actual seat of mischief. Wiien the abscess is

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By reference to the Prospectus in another column, it

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in which the orbicularis oris escaped when the facial nucleus was affected

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liver to thrombi formed around these cells. Marrow-cells and syncytial

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