he had not availed himself of the spray, carbolized

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face and hands returned to their natural colour." Dr. Panas observed

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power pure and simple. But tremors are sometimes seen in the earlier

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In 186.3, Dr. J. W. Ogle reported a typical instance of ball-thrombus

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occasionally even before reaching the summit, while the descending

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It is evident, therefore, that " true " aneurysms \vill have but a small

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such cases to one or other side, even to a considerable degree. A

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Thoma does not agree with Friedliinder that there is a special form

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biirg, 1SS9.— 262. Smiih, A. A. .V. Y. Med. Joiu-n. 1880, xxxi. p. 16.-263. Soi,o-

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logical consideration must overlap and merge into one another ; and that

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where a nerve fibre degenerates ; and where regeneration of a nerve fibre

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said to contain pepsin, pancreatine or ptyalin, already

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use of morphia, but, fortunately, he does not fear them,

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crepitation has been discovered at the base of one lung. Another

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Gilchrist. — Dr. Edward Gilchrist, surgeon in th(

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degeneration and atrophy of these coats is so evenly distributed (within

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with thrombosis of arteries of the upper extremity than of the lower.

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tooth. Malignant disease of the lateral border of the tongue cau.ses pain

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the cases recorded by these observers ; but in the very careful com-

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The axon is subject to great variety of distribution ; thus, in the case

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traumatism, of nearly total necrosis of a kidney from thrombosis of the

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vera and subcutaneous connective and fatty tissues. The conditions

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disease. In these cases, owing to the gradual breaking up and excavation

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Etiology.- — There are many causes of pressure ; a complete list would

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thickened, and very dark in colour. These spots disappeared entirely

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erroneous. The majority were just those to which we should look for

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tion of the lymphatics and coexisting In^perplasia of the surrounding con-

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the hip, and this he does by transferring each hand in turn to a higher

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seen to merge into the third nucleus. The special value of this nucleus

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Arch. d. Ileilk. 1861, ii. p. 364. — 114. Weich.selbaum, cited from No. 83.— 115.

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sentimental tune of " The Reflex Influence on the Phy-

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reveal more than the most direct and strong illumination. Pieces of

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lingering when the os is closed and the head wholly

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platelets are brought into contact, in order to induce the viscous

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layer of new bone, over the adjacent portion of the shaft (von Kahlden,

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than some other animals; in fact, the female ass is

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sion to-day are, in the first place, that to which it is

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using blisters, or iodine paint, to endeavor to stop the

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gated to a few, and it is natural to suppose that these

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