Cliss B. — Sti'soru sirmptoms are as-^ociafed with muscular inro-ordi nation.
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the whole series of spinal and cranial nerves. In like manner the sensory
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first firm and gray, then friable and yellow. In pulmonary tuberculosis
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Case 5. — Mr. G., aged fifty-one, a clerk, liad suffered for three or four
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peculiarly intense and wearing character, is rarely a])sent ; and, by the
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With regard to arthritic muscular atrophy the evidence is against
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into cord, medulla, or brain, along any section of the cortico-spinal
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The entire absence of prolixity, the terse, vigorous and
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limits has not received due attention. The following
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the profession in that state will not take the retro-
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auricle, was a haemorrhage in the wall of the auricle. Choisy and
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a half million of dollars from the U. S. treasury, has
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vigorous counter-irritation, and should prevent attendants from applying
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gives an advertisement to the place, the former does
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merely diagnostic. For when this symptom is once ascertained to be
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of the latter being the cause, the former the eti'ect), have given rise to a
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at their distal end, farthest away from the trophic cells, and un-
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and feeble, and the skin cool and bedewed with per-
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lying disease of the coronary arteries. R. Marie has recently published
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Similarly, tabes dorsalis affords us an illustration of the degeneration
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not perceptibly altered in structure. One or two small outgrowths are
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incompetent, and the pericardium adherent (Gerhardt). One pulmonary
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or labia, the anterior and both internal and external surfaces of the
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growth starting in the thyroid gland may possibly extend into the cliesr,
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monia, acute tuberculosis, and tuberculous phthisis with the formation of
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first effort to systematize our knowledge of the pathol-
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dolore " has been given by Gairdner, ilie phenomena are those of paralysis
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most in accordance with the facts, so far as yet ascertained, is that loss
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atrophy. Every tissue cell has its limit of groAvth, functional activity,
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disease of the blood-vessels. The child had never suffered from ague.
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the iodine. Microscopic examination, however, showed
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in direct opposition to the injunction of the attendant,
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which, in our present knowledge, it is impossible to say exactly how far
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tainly in acute tuberculosis with much ptomaine absorption, in alcohol-
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independent disease or insufficiency. Further, the aneurysm may
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