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without general fatigue, has been found by Sternberg and Orchanski to
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only to difference in volume, but also to a want of synchronism in the two
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patient, the subject of paroxysmal htemoglobinuria, if the finger were
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largely to our knowledge of the subject, and, in later
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There are then three diseases in which the characteristic combination
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nitrogenous waste ; and the increased peripheral resistance leads to com-
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A.B. alone, because the latter can only be given as the
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at night when the sufferer becomes warm in bed ; and in rheumatism
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charitable individuals see their contributions wisely
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or even a half dollar, going by his office to the near-
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different circumstances, cannot fail to realise the difficulty of attempt-
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worthy as statistrcs, are nevertheless interesting and suggestive. In his careful researclies
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haemorrhage. The valvular disease may not be associated Avith coronary
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tuberculous mediastinal glands are those due to the formation of an abscess,
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though it cannot be said that the question has ever been thoroughly
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the extremity becomes pink and to the observer's hand feels hotter than natural. The
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a written order from the practitioner, robs the latter
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is but one physician's opinion on a certain subject,
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failure of intelligence and memory with hallucinations supervened, and
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The subject-matter is excellent as far as it goes, and
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for the laboratory. Its practical nature is also shown
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collateral symptoms of great cardiac failure — dyspnoea, oedema, and
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is established sooner or later, any attempt at the recumbent posture caus-
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less, especially if the disease is malignant. The probability also is that

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