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The principal conclusions drawn by Mall and myself from our ex-

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erable size, and the exciting cause of the formation

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ance of the first symptoms of neuritis, the movements of the limbs were almost

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pressure is that the ligated artery actually contracts from the point of

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gelatinous solution." Under the circumstances above stated, the follow-

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that the fibres in relation with the calcarine fissure and the adjacent

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that this tear occurred at the last full term labor

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localised in the stomach, and consist of flatulent distension with eructa-

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vi, (abstr. in St. Petersb. Med. Wochenschr.), recom-

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claims that he cures seven out of nine cases of infantile

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disease. Careful clinical observations also show that any one of the

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the mercantile service. This enables ship-masters to

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(as we have seen) the tendency to the formation of an aneurysm may be

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shoulder joint, as in cases of osteo-arthritis, from paralysis of the cir-

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the bulb to form a chamber above its orifice for isolation of air.

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different in the small arteries of the brain from that of the rest of the

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solid from cancer and coexistent pneumonia, due to abscesses forming

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and Gaskell have made us familiar with vasomotor mechanism ; a due

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affection of the skin may be excessive, or it may be diminished. When

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the vessels. It is also said to occur more readily " in people Avith full

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glands, of which I have recently met with a very striking instance. The

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diagnosis" of transverse positions, although it may

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which the title of Raynaud's disease is justly applied. Furthermore,

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structure, possibly by the presence of lime salts. An adherent phig

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ject of physiological chemistry in the English lan-

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examination of the cord, nerves, blood and spleen was completely

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judicious treatment of this kind. It should include

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arises, which is superior? In very many respects the

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false reasoning certain laymen are apt to indulge in

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namely, the presence or absence of marked or persistent tenderness along

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glad if they could be published in book or pamphlet

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Kocher admits, also, in cases of osteomyelitis, a prim-

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there is a decided tendency to a serial recurrence of the attacks during

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ChnirAiUy an enlarged thymus gland is sometimes revealed by

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