near the spinous processes of the vertebrae (2nd-6th dorsal).

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reign authority may, by police regulations, so direct

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of measurement as have been employed by Bowditch and Warren, and

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in varying degree, during its whole course. In addition to these symptoms

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Asthenopic symptoms vary in intensity, from a petty

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previous history of the patient elicited that she had passed black urine

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In other cases of alcoholic neuritis, changes have been found in the

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left recurrent), and sometimes implicating also the vagus ; the great

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or reflex cliill at the time of the embolic act ; but, without denying the

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that there are more " direct " and less " crossed " fibres than usual ; or, if

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almost always unilateral, and the superficial veins are not enlarged.

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A. In the first group mitral stenosis was present in a very large number

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by application through the telephone, or otherwise,

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cular letter was to-day sent to Collectors of Customs

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the group, in doses of from ten to fifteen grains, will completely relieve a

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Untersuchungsiueihode des Kniephanomens," Xeurolog. Centralbl. 1SS5, p. 412 ;

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surface of the thrombus, upon which their extremities form the network

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Bellingham in connection with a brief historic retrospect extending

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especially those of a cancerous or sarcomatous nature, demands brief

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antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which quizlet

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certain premonitory symptoms which have existed for periods of time

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overhauling of medical books and periodicals. Thiity-one of my cases

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we notice similar novel facts. But we can cordially

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reduce 42 grams (647 gr.) of calomel into black oxide

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At first sight this destnictive implication of the dendrons might

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are exactly in accordance with those made by myself, in 1854, in the

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heights, the patient will find his disease alleviated

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the glands long after the original trace of the disease

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growth in the lung, some degree of movement of the intercostal spaces

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laboratory. We recognise sometimes a very ra])id and acute form of

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