those of the direct bundle occupy the mesial and lateral aspects (Hen-

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lamina with the degeneration and death of the muscular fibres leads to

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On his sternum, in the right posterior triangle, and

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Common also is the peripheral ocular palsy due to cold— the so-called

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other cardiac thrombi, these polyps are more or less organised by con-

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experiment of tying the inferior vena cava or femoral vein, and producing

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even a complete obstruction of the superior cava may occur with-

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ferences in the nature, extent, and arrangement of malignant growths in

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myself that she consented to let the nurse dress her.

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S. O. 74, C. S., A. G. O. S. O. 32, Department of the Platte,

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not tend to over-exertion or strain, and nothing had been ever revealed

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A. Si/rnpfoins of local origin. — The phenomena coming in this category

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tion of pus will be felt ; anil it is said to be frequently noted at the borders

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aneurvsm, it is, when well marked, always a fact of importance as tending

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the affected muscles and joints, and prevents adhesions and loss of free

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paralysis of all the muscles, from the eyes to the lower limbs inclusive,

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In the more severe forms of facial palsy, especially in those associated

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axillary, and the left brachial veins, and on the cranial bones along the

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tuberculous process may invade the wall of the artery on the surface

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treatment ; I visited the patient daily to cheer her

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gratuitously assumed the diagnosis, at once declared

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breathing ; and even on the deepest inspiration there is no protrusion of

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vulsions. The sense of pain and of temperature, and the electrical sensibility

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of the glottis is accomplished by bringing into operation the false vocal

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haemorrhages from the stomach and bowels. In general, however, the

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When one considers the manifold conditions under which the ab-

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Such being a description of the clinical features that may accompany

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pressure opposes it. The jiressure in the superior mesenteric and portal

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lateral to its origin, its contraction produces rotation inwards as well

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by way of the posterior longitudinal bundle, fibres pass to a group of cells

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from what other authors believe in that he is unwill-

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Toxic causes of extrinsic origin. — The most important of these are

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I would suggest from their positions for the princi-

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pain during the night often prevented profound slum-

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