emboli.sra is described by Cohnheim as "recurrent" — an epithet which

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vol. ii. p. 1046.-31. Mott, F. W. Path. Soc. Trans, vol. xl. p. 47, " Malignant Growth

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recorded by Kovacs, the fingers of both hands were the seat of movements

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made as follows : Place two chairs at the side of an

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systematic feeding, but a fair trial of this excellent

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sensation of a palpable tumour, referable to a collection of blood in the

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nuclear cells from which they take origin. The superficial tumours are

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county, O., November 14th, at the residence of Mrs. E.

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so-called ulcer or erosion of the cervix is therefore in-

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transportation as emboli after injury, haemorrhages, and necroses of the

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movements, and consists in the fact that the contraction of the muscle

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the defective muscle, instead of lengthening its an-

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week. Arsenical poisoning is scarcely less fatal and

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Foley, of St. Martin's Church, Baltimore, Dr. F. H. Noo-

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substance, displacing the phosphorus that passes out

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ence which lecturers are not slow to take advantage

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in the garb of enterprising journalism, they must be

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have no disposition to be censorious, much less do we

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so to say, "upstream" — to the first beginnings of the chains of neurons in

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assert it to be the fact, to the best of my belief, and

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defective cardiac tone, are those to which Xauheim exercises are especially

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perception, or somnolence, symptoms which sometimes persist even after

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instance of haemorrhagic infarction of the uterus alter extensive bilateral plugging of the

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similar to that seen in the acute polymyositis of man. In this connection,

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kind, the character and situation of which will be determined by the

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for statements made over the names of correspondents.

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its growth it steadily infiltrates, and causes ulceration of everything

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historical interest only. There appears to be no definite and constant

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no visible alteration of the intima can be made out at the site of the

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tremity only (four cases), and affection of one leg followe.i after days,

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tion to the carbolic acid treatment of hemorrhoids.

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eral muscular pains, with stiffness, soreness and occa-

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kiJney. Pulmonary oedema, referable probably to paralysis of the left

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discrepant results of investigators, the authors have

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