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Professor Macewcn's method — The production of ichite thromht in organic

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fld. ext. jaborandi, fifteen ttl every half hour until

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not possible to exactly define these extremities, but

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centigramme doses of quinine instead. This acted like

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severe illness especially fevers, sexual excess, and similar factors,

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formed without the existence of any optic imperfec-

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finsers ; the toes were affected also. M. Ball recorded this as a new

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In acute cases, however, when there has been acute inflammation of the

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Contracture, or fixed spasm, is a comparatively frequent result of

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recently established by the generosity of New Yorkers,

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Case II. Acute Myelitis. Symptomatic Treatment. —

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1. Multiple neuroma. — These growths are often intermediate in

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efit, because of the absence or impairment of a part

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the tip of the thumb was also aflfected. Dark-coloured bullfe had already

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the growths affecting the various parts usually present many features in

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activity should be forbidden. Cold baths, friction, massage and rational

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In the first half of the present century, mainly through the influence

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what shall be said of the following fact that was re-

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pulmonary and mediastinal growths ; but their study in this class of cases

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of the body, as far as practicable; hence, personal

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attempt to write ; and the same remark applies to the motor defects

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veins. Its explanation offers no especial difficulties. If the veins are

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he could be aroused, atropise sulph., t \q gr., was

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independent of its fellow, yet functionally co-operative; since the collaterals

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pressing the child, as it has been called), turning.

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J. G. Meacham, Sr., M.D. New and Improved Surgical In-

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infection the more likely is it to be due to this form of the disease. In a

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Functions Of Anafranil Drug