changes in nerves, inflammation of serous membranes covering infarcts,
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changes as ati'ecting particular veins. From the general venous obstruc-
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mediastinum, and which he names "malignant fibrosis," associated with
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given until he was salivated, and then discontinued;
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it open into the trachea, either bronchus, or a lung, a quantity of matter
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It will be observed in this case that some noticeable cardiac signs
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18l»8, cli. p. G9.— 8. FiiiKicT. Acad. roy. de med. de Bchje, 1890.— 9. Flkxn'eii. Bull.
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ulceration, loss of substance, and tardy cicatrisation at the tips of the
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again the cause is generally toxico-traumatic. Rarely, violent muscular
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ter ani, and thus allowed another lense-light to bear
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injury must be suitably dealt with, the utmost care being taken to prevent
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and one in the usual situation, namely, in the neighbourhood of the basal
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legs, — sometimes in the loins and abdomen, sudden or rapidly mani-
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in the relative position of the flexura coli sinistra to
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effects of air introduced into the circulation. These have demonstrated
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ject), accompanied by shouts, sighs and screams. At
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localised in the stomach, and consist of flatulent distension with eructa-
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for antiquity has taught us that the products of such
The following case is one which, whilst presenting decided symptoms
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If the paralysis of the nerve be only partial an examination of the
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neck, or from the abdomen, along the lymphatics through the diaphragm ;
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the nerve fibres themselves, generally called jmrenchymatozis neuritis.
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large obstetric practice, have been known to keep a
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adjustment of the gravid uterus towards its natural
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tial difference, morphologically or genetically, between
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All of the cardiac ball-thrombi — as thus defined — hitherto reported,

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