a tap then upon the tendon of the atonic muscles fails to produce the
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to make tolerance possible, and then using mechanical pressure by a
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pressure brought about by the leakage through the tricuspid valve. It is
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Mercy Hospital Surgical Clinic, by Prof. E. Andrews.
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United States Dispensatory is already perfect, and in
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Thomson) the bony overgrowth consisted of a general osseous hypertrophy
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But even more remarkable than the suddenness of onset is the utter
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may sometimes be allayed to a very remarkable degree ; and the death,
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infiltration of urine by free evacuation of the con-
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dark red colour, central blood-clot, and polished surface suggest the
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from a woman aged thirty-eight, who died from hemiplegia caused by
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per cent, solution of carbolic acid, into the as yet
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of a committee to devise a plan for the organization
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belladonna pill, as before, every three hours. Four
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Dcutsch. Zeit. f. Nervcnheilk. 1897, Bd. ix. S. 119.— 4. Ffkiffek. Centralblatt filr
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would arise, why should not catharsis continue during
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1 Although the author evidently regards this fact as having no direct connection with
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will share in the congestion." If one or other innominate vein be specially
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the presence of ataxy or analgesia, or of both these defects in combination.
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after a somewhat fatiguing day, with severe pain in the precordial region.
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impossil)le, and the tongue, when protruded, may give a false impression of
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normal circulation, and, by lessening the congestion,
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Neuritis migrans. — One of the most extraordinary results of an
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such as is often observed after intense physical ef-
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the caustic treatment is to be deemed not only irra-
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after a somewhat fatiguing day, with severe pain in the precordial region.
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