Cwnulative Inscriptions, — Oumulative inscriptions can be accorded
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ive organs. Paroxysmal vomiting is common, and in severe cases it may
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in symmetrical quadrants of the visual field in the two eyes (quadrant hemi-
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given for medical reports. The SfMrgeons* CUwical prizes : Three of £8,
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The promoterB of the London School of Homoeopathy, believing that
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Pebu. — ^A medical diploma must be held. The chief University is
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the following j^ear. At the end of the second winter session a prize of
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basic requirement and the allowable variation limit.
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nurses, and is actively delirious, raving, struggling, noisy, and maniacal. In
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teria is possible 'only on the basis of the psychogenetic nature of the clinical
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which requires a longer time (vide page 151), but there is also perhaps a
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attention is drawn to the medical anatomy of the thoracic and abdo-
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*• We do not hesitate to say that this is the best and most complfeite work on Comparative
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agitated and cooked Into a hoooser^us sass. The time and tdm;»r8ture of t^1;ook1f% '
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term such paralyses " flaccid paralyses," but there are also paralyses where
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present no definite answer can be given. Many reasons seem to favor the
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to be payable in quarterly instalments, provided that on receiving each
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nent disturbances of function. In the other group, where the history affords
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come easily fatigued. The impairment of facial expression has already been
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Alfred Edwards Emerson, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology; Student Counselor.
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particularly liable to it — for example, India, Ceylon, and Italy. In Germany,
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or antipyrm, etc. In other cases electricity is the only remedy which can give
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dizziness, and unsteady gait (cerebellar ataxia). Local tenderness of the
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Babcock Charlotte Gertrude, s, a, w, Milton, Wis. A.B. (Milton C.) '29.
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(1), £2 2s.; two years' Dental Hospital Practice, £10 10s. General

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