Robertson pupils are very common, and the mental symptoms are usually
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tissue, and show young connective cells, leucocytic infiltration, and blood-
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Local asphyxia cannot be distinguished from the effect produced
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f. Psych. 1892, Bd. xxiv. S. 534.-26. Kruxig. Zeitsch. f. klin. Med. Bd. xiv. 1888.—
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other man to demonstrate the modes of action of the
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ball-thrombi in the left auricle. This patient was brought dead to the
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than the venous, are more frequent than was formerly supposed ; this
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vein. Vaquez, in chronic pulmonary tul)erculosis, describes an interest-
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enter in, and those that were entering in they have
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the spasm of the capillary vessels to the morbid activity of vaso-motor
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tion to make it as small as it is possible to make such
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(6) Disease of the efferent nerve. — Peripheral neuritis is due to a very
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cretion, I think they certainly show that my impressions were correct
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motory phenomena still play a most important part. The subjects of
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and fibrous. Fibrosarcoma has also been described. Steven gives an
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The thrombus may become organised and the vein converted into a
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other agents, excepting tobacco, of the class to which
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manifest signs of wasting, and the patellar tendon reactions were lost.
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before the Pathological Society, by Dr. Cyril Ogle, in which a dermoid
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in other words, a severe interstitial inflammation in the nerve. Where
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the view of doing the same. Examinations at present
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and form the eflerent fibres of the nucleus. A crossed connection has been
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the editorial corps. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, Professor
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Friend's Retreat, near York, presents in the Lancet,
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ally. When the pain is not relieved by this treatment, arterial spasm
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pure and simple, or associated with syringomyelia, Morvan's disease, or
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than by the kind of alcoholic drink indulged in. On the other hand,
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verted and carries a pendulous mass of vegetations. The greater portion
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or not these fungi alone are able to cause malarial
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extravasated in hcTsniorrhagic infarction, comes in through the capillary,
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Bonomu's observation of cancer of the thyroid Avith metastatic nodules in
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oral and buccal muscles makes it impossible to ' re-
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than with embolism of the superior mesenteric artery, is common.
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also report two other cases quite similar to this. I
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less true as regards acute cases which end fatally in a few days ; then
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temporanj alterations in the fundus oculi alternate or coincide with mani-
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