usual tender points, the more common being — (a) where the great oc-

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smooth, white or mottled skin, marked often by dilated veins, whence

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every case where there is wanted slow, regular and con-

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adjustment of the gravid uterus towards its natural

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We have thus two fairly definite kinds of angina pectoris : — I. Yaso-

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last but a few minutes, or, in severe cases, several hours. In the

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tissue, or alonu' the bronchi and blood-vessels, contracting their calibre,

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parts, especially, as stated, the bones. It is not quite certain that these

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always followed by necrotic softening, but also embolism of the

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ume and strength, but it nevertheless involves under

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ever, has brought forward some inconclusive evidence in favour of the

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may be very extensive bacterial inflammation of the venous wall, even

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klin. IFoch. 1886, Nos. 48, 49, 50.-67. Weir, Mitchell. "The Influence of Rest

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as the catheter a permanence. Thus we have relieved

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at the time of the description, when he was twenty-eight years old, the

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illustrated in the case of the accident during hunting above refeiTed to

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vania, Frederick H. Henry, M. 1)., and Josephine P.,

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stated, that in convergent strabismus the diplopia is homonymous, in divergent

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he was free from pain, and the abnormal sensations in the legs became less

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embolus or primary thrombus. The majority of cases with sudden

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stances of the cerebellum, retina, olfactory lobe, etc.

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and li/mphadeaouia, Avhich some pathologists regard as identical, otliers

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Treatment. — (a) Drugs. — The drugs which have been recommended

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well-to-do, and rare in the subjects of charity prac-

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the patient advance both arms horizontally forwards, when on pressing

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their inflammation and atrophy. The growth starts from the interstitial

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simulating that of an aneurysm. The movement is transmitted from

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(ii.) Ir a second group of cases, although sjnnptoms are either entirely

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showed amorphous material and oxalates, but no blood corpuscles. Dr.

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centre for sight. The observations of Monakow, Dejerine, and Vialet have

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in pulmonary vessels directly connected with the inflamed lung (p. 160).

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Whereas, The O- ^E. Society No. l,of Bellevue Hospi-

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they may be capable of admitting a moderate supply of blood to the

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centigramme doses of quinine instead. This acted like

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tions ; here only somewhat modified and expanded from the form in

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condition of the heart would not be systematically examined, and others

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inflammation are of frequent recurrence in such cases. These repeated

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