the effects of the strain seemed to be passing away. On the Saturday
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Thus homom'moiis hemianopsia may clear up from the centre towards
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only sign of nervous change ; and this may be present without involving
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diseases such as influenza or malaria, cold, gout, and rheumatism are all
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conception of the subject will be obtained by basing the description of
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able contributions to the literature of typhoid fever,
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bitis is due mainly to bacteriological investigations of thrombosed
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quarantine be established so completely as to admit
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which they invade, whereas ordinary sarcomata ulcerate into the vessels
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expectant plan of treatment, fully carried out, as-
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abnormal growth contract in an abnormal manner. This is more in
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lesions of the cord. Duchenne, in 1855 (9), speaking on "atrophic
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lations are permissible. If the thrombosed vein be superficial, it may
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scirrhous and interstitial fibro-myoma. He considers
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ary, 1876, after moderate exercise, another abortion
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spirit drinker, suffered from symptoms of severe multiple neuritis of arms
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As regards the muscles, those which have been attacked never recover ;
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to the mild alkaline secretion of the uterus is now in
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a coni[irehensive view of a somewliat complicated subject can be
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most often seen is a slow alteration in their texture, in which they lose
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impaired, yet painful sensations were severely felt ; and he complained of
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and extent in different persons and under different conditions. Thtts femo-
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hsemori'hagic infarction following arterial embolism.
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which is often so distinct and dift'use that the foot may feel like a mere
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The intra-muscular nerves have been found intact by most observers
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mentions a case in which by touching the exposed nerve of a first upper
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standard of the weaker one; and this is usually the
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by suggesting that the sympathetic neuritis may really be of vaso-
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passion, or in running or walking upstairs, or lifting weights, then, the
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(ii.) Tumours on the nerve trunks, the peripheral nerves, sometimes
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shoulder joint, as in cases of osteo-arthritis, from paralysis of the cir-
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conjunctiva. According to the branch or branches involved and to the
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while in the case of posterior mediastinal growth the air-passages,
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Profuse sweating is not uncommon ; this may be general, or restricted
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noticed certain conditions of some of the mediastinal contents, and of the
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sclerosed ; at other times the change is evidently secondary to cortical
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upon young mammals, there exists in the retina a layer of large ganglion

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