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hypertrophied. The pulmonary artery was greatly dilated, and its valves were

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Esmarch bandage — abolishes the jerk much more slowly ; for example, after

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and does not return during the time he is asleep ; but during the

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although beginning as a voluntary act, transgresses the limits which the

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Post-mortem a diaphragmatic hernia was found, with a distinct hernial sac

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prompt and efficient substitute for much of this local

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well as in their clinical investigation in individual cases, to start with

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an extensive distribution is injured, so that recovery is much delayed,

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admission he did not complain of any definite symptoms beyond general weakness.

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an irregularly lobulated tumour, evidently composed of agglomerated

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particularly adapted to fixing iron to stone, as for

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fifty years and revived the old custom of the license,

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Academy of Medicine, American, 1, 11, 440, 457, 473

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the case and coexistent evidences of syphilis. The 2))'og)iosis is favour-

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tinued application of the tourniquet. The plaintiff

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means of treating the disease. It is so in individuals

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remote antiquity, and the subject of numl^erless learned and special dis-

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The patient, most commonly a man, and usually between 40 and 65

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lifts the arm. The infraspinatus rotates the humerus outwards, although

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operation. The attempt at introduction of a metallic

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part of the pessary occupies the center of the vulva,

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frequently had opportunities to demonstrate its em-v

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irritation of the globules upon the peripheral nerves

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accustomed to adopt in recording thoracic physical signs.

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sometimes carious or necrosed bone is found. The discharge is foetid,

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necessities. The labourer becomes a foreman, or takes to some kind

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physician, who first saw him on the 15th of Septem-

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well seen in all chronic inflammations, such as the chronic meningo-

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common iliac, and has farther induced coagulation in its chief collateral

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of its effects upon neighbouring structures, the most important being

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who hesitate before accepting an open handed charity,

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him to stop short, and that oidy after a time could he with great care

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patient, involving the scrotum. Tympanites, diarrhoea, and albuminuria

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existence in the optic tract of pupillary fibres corresponding to the

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knee mentioned by Striimpell, in which the patient contiiuied to

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