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most prominent part, in front of the ear, there is a soft
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Society sliould do. The Council of the Society was cognisant
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leptic, Queen Square. 2 p.m. — Dr. Beevor : Locomotor
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that 277 new patients were admitted during 1802, or 9 over
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have fallen under my own care, so that I only bring them
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Vote of Thank? to Retiring President. — A vote of thanks was
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1 feel tills matter so keenly that some short time since I had an inter-
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before each meeting — namely, June 29th, and October 4th,
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should be informed of tlie existence of any disease requiring
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This hospitBl is connected with the ships by a service of con-
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LETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, Etc., have been received from :
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of the degree being "legally qualified for the practice of medicine,
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method (salol) a three months' trial under the direction of
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Legion of Honour for his services in the ambulance during
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and young calf, under the lower surface of the trachea,
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the bract as regards its point of attachment to the pedicle.
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and the existing information as to its pathology far too
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cardiac tonics he ascribed a high place to caifein, either by
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cases of diphtheria followed by scarlatinal rash, and one case wherein
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on the Medical Council. There are at present four candidates,
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Board," the officials of the Vaccination Department being
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At a meeting of the Parliahientary Bills Committee, held at
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This rule was changed a few months ago, and medical
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of Ophthalmology will hold its annual meeting in Paris on
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only a narrow perforation may result from its passage
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to which some attention has been lately directed. He is by
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All members of the Soulh-Eastern Branch aie entitled to attend this
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the time that I was pathologist and extra-physician to the
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and when he reported himself at the hospital on March 14th
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of this District mil be held at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, on
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the Treasury. More than that he was afraid he could not say..
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He would suggest that in the books of certificates issued by
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cases where there was no clear evidence, or when the evi-
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ing the year 1892 amounted to 1.3,093, and exceeded by 6,iJofi
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had been performed about a year previously, and the boy was
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Considering the unstable nature of the alluvial soil on which the town
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not attending the court in accordance with his subpuMia, but is not
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Richardson.— On May lOth. at Benenden, Kent, the wife of J. C. Ryder
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that the total number of scarlet fever patients received dur-

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