have good reason to be surprised at the enormous size of

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until 1908, when Dr. Hollister established himself in individual prac-

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President of the Lincoln Park Sanitarium Company and

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sponding skin, which usually appears very early. As a rule, the upper ex-

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which were to prepare him for those of his profession. Here he

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an undertaking ; but the public were made aware of our needs,

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stetrician of the Philadelphia Hospital, and remained in

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York City, supported not only by a wealth of family tradition and

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congestion of the ovaries, which, under various movements,

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Amylacious substances are unsuitable for children under a

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Medical Society; was also of the Buffalo Medical Association, and

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of the diameter of the bullet and proportional to its leitgth and its

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My patient assured me that he had had no occasion for the sec-

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ter, in which all theories of the disease, and all kinds of allopathic

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^ nent specialist in Gastroenterology, has had an enviable career.

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ring, as he said, the " reg'lar faculty." Eventually, however, his mother's persuasions

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More complex damage, such as the presence of fragments,

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of consolidation extending higher up ; cough more troublesome,

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symptoms, is likely to create more confusion than order. My

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by direct examination of the clothes themselves. With

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Butler, and that their publication be requested in our medical journals.

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ment appointments, the members of the old school in this country

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Dr. Janvrin was graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy,

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be to obtain what appears to be a true explanation of the real

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less or dead matter, and convert it into living matter like itself,

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any intervention seems to be contra-indicated, were it only

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urethral membrane is incised upon the sound, and stitched to

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tending the primary schools, Raleigh (North Carolina) Military

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before. Care must be taken not to mistake prolapsus of the

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iar but frequently neglected facts that cystitis, gleet, albuminuria,

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first means will be replaced by provisional intrabuccal

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stations, with employees to talk on pepsin, to labor with stom-

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esty and Candor, and design more to do good than to get Money.

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cate, or even suggest, the troubles. The gynecologist is not

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it was equally scientific and helpful to take the more spiritual

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Dr. Dudley of Philadelphia reporting for the special committee

combination of ivermectin and albendazole

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Stomach. — Deep slaty-purple externally ; walls thickened,

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