departmfent of Qeneral Pathology in this University being indnded in.

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all sailing vessels bound on ocean voyages or engaged in the fisheries, specifies

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dance, £8 8b. ; for the second, £2 2s. Fee for Practical Physiology,

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aim at removing the cause of the disease, if there be one, such as decayed

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of distant parts. We once saw a case which lasted for years which was

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any operation. The surgeons' pupils may be summoned to accidents

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acteristic picture, so that we can often make a diagnosis with absolute cer-

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N'EW YoBE Pathological Society. — ^Requirements for admission

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13. The Hospital allowances for Naval Medical Officers at home and abroad,

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(1) The mild form of facial paralysis, to which especially many rheumatic

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to receive separate recognition. Thus, for instance, many cases of extraor-

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