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by no means proven. As we have already seen, the physiological

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limpid effusion on the other side. In Dr. Turney's case the eflfusion

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in any sense of the word. They simply stimulate the

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important at the very outset to recognise (i.) that the action of the poison

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first intention ! This is a fair joke on our French

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taking any in his. We regarded this as a rebellious

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upon a glass plate, and over this a bell-glass, fitting

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their primarily phlebitic origin. But while undoubtedly significant of

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by a specific poisonous effect, by which it destroyed

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or the axon emerging from it, is affected to a minor degree, we get a

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accompanied by more or less apnoea and sense of air hunger. Sometimes

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so-called ulcer, because the diverging flaps are so

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which is so perfectly safe and effectual as far as we

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thickening of the vessels of the limbs, ^vith narrowing of the lumen, was

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represents the maximum point of the hyoid area {ride Fig. 4-1); this area

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other mental emotions will bring out roseolous erup-

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there be good attendance and large dividends ; there

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loss, moreover, of staining capacity, and therefore loss of recognition of

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to give all reform measures the cold shoulder, since

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admission to hospital there was considerable pain in

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exact position of these fibres is not yet definitely determined, but they

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some have believed that simple haemorrhages may produce the same

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ity was depressed. Two cases of tuberculosis of the

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greatly thickened, and extensive inflammation is aroused, the vessels

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active chalybeate, and holding in solution the alka-

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disease of the heart, but on several occasions on which I have seen her, usually

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be adjusted properly in order to unite the central rays

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a careful examination of the affected limb, to predict the probable dura-

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