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is quite excessive, but does not occur until other se-
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of late years has learned to consider early excision
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Poynton) ; and I have observed two instances of femoral and iliac
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the left fronto-parietal region, which lasted for a little time beyond the giddiness.
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Treatment. — General treatment for neuralgia; but counter-irritation is
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fibres of the posterior longitudinal bundles, and is in direct relation with
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had been previously much diminished, and a restora-
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as a snare and a delusion. Very little genuine bed-
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neuralgia major for nearly a week. A purge, or a full dose (5 to 8 grains)
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who had milky eff"usions into the peritoneum and pleurae ; and a similar
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and third layers of the perineal fascia, the limits of
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for reasons already given, the book, as a whole, can
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The evidence is conclusive that aneurysms may be caused by the
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Ophthalmoplegia. — I propose to include under this name chiefly
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posterior longitudinal bundle — an observation Avhich has been confirmed
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by transudation into the peritoneal cavity or tissues around ; or even to a
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When superficial, lymphangioma may give rise to lymphorrhagia, a
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Cachectic states. — Of other marasmic or cachectic states, in which
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The patients are usually of sedcnUiry habits and disposed to good living ;
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arterial calibre should be increased, and the blood-pressure increased at
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frequently starts in the glands ; but it may begin in tlie cellular tissue,
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Gyri : Indivisible or lesser divisions of the lobules,
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innominate aneurysm." Mr. Christopher Heath has performed this
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Baillie Lectures. "On the Cardio - vascular Changes of Renal Disease," etc.
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third of the shins. The man proA'ed to be the subject of diabetes ; and
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freedom with which the air enters the lungs and the absence of pul-
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quiet before dinner. When the heart's action is habitually quick, this
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forms ; for instance, cases occur in children with all the symptoms of
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eyelids does occur, although it is difficult to be certain whether it depends
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What Is A High Depakote Level